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NY - 10th District

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Lindsey Boylan for Congress

Why I’m

NY-10 is the most unequal district in the nation. Now, on top of that, New Yorkers are living and dying through a public health crisis. We have record-high unemployment and Congress can’t seem to get money into the hands of the people who need it most. Growing up, my family would have been devastated to miss just one paycheck. That’s why I’ve dedicated my career to public service. If the last few years have shown us anything, it’s that we can't wait for someone else to make the change we need. We have to do it ourselves, and we have to do it now.

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Lindsey's Statement on Police Violence

"This is a defining moment across the nation that I believe can lead to change, we cannot stop once this moment is over. We must all do our part to keep chipping away at the centuries of systematic racism in our country."

A Leader in
Times of Crisis

Lindsey served as Deputy Secretary of Economic Development, appointed by the Governor. In that role, she oversaw The Office of Storm Recovery where she led disaster relief efforts for NewYork in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria. She was also responsible for the housing portfolio where she secured hundreds of millions of dollars for public housing after the federal government walked away. She has hands-on experience in building workforce programs, creating jobs, and investing in small businesses. Lindsey has a series of plans to help New York, and the nation, through this public health crisis and deal with the aftermath.


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Lindsey will not accept fossil fuel or corporate PAC money. This campaign is dedicated to representing the values of New York’s 10th District. We can’t do this without you. Donate today!