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NY-10 is the most unequal district in the nation. We’ve entered a new gilded age where we are facing extreme wealth, and extreme poverty. Now, on top of that, New Yorkers are living and dying through a public health crisis. We have record high unemployment and Congress can’t seem to get money into the hands of the people who need it most.

Growing up, my family would have been devastated to miss just one paycheck. My mom was a single teen mom living on food stamps before she met my dad. Three generations of women in my family lost custody of their children due to mental illness and addiction. I lost loved ones to suicide. And I’ve watched close family members try to get their lives back on track after spending time in prison. That’s why I’ve dedicated my career in Public Service.

Most recently, I was Deputy Secretary of Economic Development for New York, appointed by the Governor. While there, I worked on some of the biggest issues facing New Yorkers, from helping to pass $15 minimum wage and paid family leave to developing workforce programs, creating jobs, and investing in small businesses.

Lindsey Boylan and her mother, Karen Boylan, holding a sign at a women's rights rally on the mall in Washington, DC.

I have experience dealing with emergency situations, and the economic aftermath. Part of my job in the Governor’s office was managing The Office of Storm Recovery. I led disaster relief for New York in Puerto Rico after Maria. The housing portfolio was also part of my responsibility. I fought for hundreds of millions of dollars of funding for NYCHA in the state budget after the federal government walked away.

New York City means everything to me. I first came here with $100 in my pocket and a way too much confidence that it would all work out. I had the traditional New York experience where I moved 10 times in as many years to afford a room to live in. But, I was determined, and inspired by Jane Jacobs and her vision for building an equitable city. I joined Community Board 7 on the Upper West Side, and got a job managing public parks and spaces. Ultimately I was able to build a family, get an MBA while working full time, and get a job in the Governor’s office.

Then I started campaigning and the world changed. But the issues I was campaigning on have not changed - they are more important than ever.

Lindsey Boylan and her daughter, Vivienne, at home drawing together at a table.


COVID-19 hit New York during another crisis, the housing crisis. The homeless can’t escape the virus, rent burdened families are now further behind than ever, and we still need full funding for NYCHA.

Read Lindsey’s plans for housing.


While I don’t think anyone was expecting a global pandemic, plenty of people knew it wasn’t a question of if, but when, the next superstorm hit. We live in a district with miles and miles of coastline. As we’ve seen with weather disasters across the nation, and now with a nationwide public health crisis, the federal government is unprepared for emergency situations. And it is always those who have the least that stand to lose the most.

Read Lindsey’s plans for COVID-19 Relief and a Green New Deal.


Before COVID-19, New Yorkers were googling therapists more than climate, guns and plumber combined. Our healthcare system is completely broken. One part of that has to do with ignoring the mental health crisis in this country. Mental Health must be truly treated on par with physical health. Now more than ever, we need mental health professionals embedded in emergency response systems, and full coverage of quality therapy to deal with the aftermath.

Read Lindsey’s plan for Mental Health.

Since I launched my campaign, I’ve faced intimidation from the establishment. People have sent me emails telling me my career is over, my opponent’s staff has called my donors, followed me to interviews, and berated journalists that dare to cover me. But that won’t stop me from showing up, and speaking up. The whole system is set up for us to fail. We are facing different issues today than we were almost three decades since Rep. Nadler was appointed to office. Now these issues have been fully exposed - and they didn’t happen overnight. I have a vision, which takes into account the real struggles American families face today.

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Lindsey Boylan, former deputy secretary of economic deverlopment and special advisor to Governor Cuomo, celebrating Pride.

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